It has been about 7 months since we first delved into the world of pegging, first going with a more budget friendly harness. When the first harness arrived, we thought it accomplished all the tasks one would expect and did so well. That was until we received the SpareParts Joque by SpareParts Hardware. This harness redefined what we thought of as a quality strap on harness. Soft materials, easy adjustments, and overall beautiful aesthetics make for an industry defining product.


An unexpected package arrived at our door and to our delight it was Tantus’ newest dual density dildos. The Tantus slick comes in both large and small, so there is a version that is sure to please just about anyone. While there certainly didn’t seem to be anything groundbreaking about the Slick at first glance, it did surprise us when put to use.


Somehow this is our first plug review. In the past we have reviewed the Tantus Buck as well as the Ripple, but they are not plugs in the traditional sense. Blush novelties was kind enough to offer us an anal plug from their new Spark line, a line of anal toys complete with a stunning carbon fiber design.

Lily 2

A chocolate scented vibrator certainly screams gimmick, and not one I would expect from a luxury toy maker. But from the amazing looking packaging, to the overall feel of it, the Lily 2 screams nothing but excellent build quality and attention to detail.


The Womanizer must be one of the most unique vibrators out there. On first glance it looks like one of those thermometers they put in your ear, or rub across your forehead. Not only is it that the shape is different, the power button is a giant plastic jewel that looks like it came from the belly of a treasure troll doll. Looks can be deceiving, but the Womanizer is something new in a world where much is the same.


Time for us to enter into the world of bondage. We have always enjoyed a little bondage here and there, but the time it takes us to get out the rope and start tying can be a hassle at times. So we decided to give some cuffs and a Bondage Bar a shot thanks to Sportsheets Inc. We wanted our bondage equipment to be quicker and more comfortable and the neoprene cuffs have delivered!


There is a new toy in town, let’s talk about the Tantus Echo Handle. On the surface the Tantus Echo looks like a simple dildo attached to an extended handle, but there is more to the Echo than meets the eye. The handle has been an unexpected game-changer; earning the coveted spot as our new go-to dildo.